Preventing Christmas Crime: How to make sure you are not a target for thieves


STERLINGTON, La. (12/24/2019)– The holidays are not only a time of giving, but also a time to be on the look out for thieves.
“Predators are out there more than ever and they’re looking for people who aren’t paying attention,” Sterlington Police Chief, Barry Bonner, said.

Officials say it’s important to break down packages and large boxes after the holidays rather than piling them up outside.

“You don’t want to put a box out by the garbage that’s a 75 inch tv that came in or a brand new computer system or any high dollar gift,” Chief Bonner said. “You want to make sure your break those boxes down and put it in a black plastic back so it can’t be seen what it is.”

You should also avoid posting gifts or vacation plans on social media. Although it’s a popular platform for you and your friends, thieves also have access to your information.

“When you come back, then start talking about the vacation,” Chief Bonner said. “You don’t want people to know that you’re fixing to go, because then everyone in the world that’s on Facebook knows that your house is empty and there’s no one there to watch it.”

If you are going out of town leave at least one light on to seem as though someone is home and ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for any questionable visitors.

“So all we have is each other to look out for one another and just report things that don’t look right,” Chief Bonner said. “Don’t hesitate to call local law enforcement agencies, because we are wanting to get this thing stopped just as much as you don’t want your stuff stolen.”

If you witness any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood, officials ask that you to take down the license plate number and report it local law enforcement right away.

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