WEST MONROE, La. — A traffic stop on Tuesday evening has led to four people being arrested on drug charges.

According to multiple arrest reports, it all started when agents with the Metro Narcotics Unit (MNU) witnessed a red Titan truck leave a home in the 200 block of Washington Street. A woman, later identified as 29-year-old Sarah Archibald, was seen at the window of the truck before it left.

Kenneth King (OPSO)

The truck, driven by 45-year-old Kenneth King, was stopped on New Natchitoches Road by OPSO SCAT for failing to signal a turn. During a search of King’s vehicle, deputies found suspected black tar heroin in a clear bag with Buzz Lightyear on it along with a glass smoking pipe. According to the reports, King stated that in the past he had bought heroin from the home he had previously left.

MNU agents went back to the home to arrest Sarah Archibald for the distribution of Heroin and that is when things got interesting.

According to reports, agents knocked on the door multiple times before Sarah answered. When agents asked for her to come outside, Sarah started backing into the house saying no. Agents walked inside and placed her under arrest. Agents found several Buzz Lightyear clear bags in Sarah’s room, some of which contained black tar heroin, and three different prescription drugs were also found inside another baggie.

During Sarah’s arrest, her mother, 55-year-old Tammie Archibald, became “uncontrollable”. Agents say that Tammie began screaming at them, demanding that they leave the home. When agents tried to explain why they were there, Tammie continued to scream. Reports say that Tammie stood up and tried to block one the agents from entering by pushing on his chest, causing her to be arrested. Tammie allegedly continued to scream over and over, calling every officer on the scene “a**holes” multiple times. During the agent’s search of the home, three suspected ecstasy tablets were found next to the chair that Tammie was seated in when agents arrived.

Sarah claimed possession of all of the drugs except for the ecstasy. Tammie also denied possession of the ecstasy.

Samuel Archibald (OPSO)

During the search of the home, deputies with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call from another home in 200 block of Washington Street. The caller stated that there was a vehicle parked in his driveway with two people sitting inside. When officers arrived at that scene, they made contact with the driver and the passenger, 21-year-old Samuel Archibald. The driver told police they were parked in the driveway so they could watch the police investigation happening at Samuel’s home. Deputies also spoke with Samuel, later learning that there was a warrant for his arrest. When deputies place Samuel under arrest, they performed a search that resulted in them finding a plastic container with approximately 1.5 grams of suspected marijuana along with two suspected clonazepam tablets. Samuel stated that the drugs were his.

All four people named in the article were arrested and taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center.

Kenneth King is charged with Possession of CDS I, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Improper Lane Use, Turn Signals Required on Motor Vehicle, Obscured Windshield/Windows, and Parole Violations. His bond is $7,450.

Sarah Archibald is charged with Distribution of CDS I (Heroin), Possession of CDS I with the Intent to Distribute (Heroin), Possession of CDS I (Ecstasy), Possession of CDS IV (Clonazepam), Possession of CDS IV (Buprenorphine), Possession of CDS IV (Alprazolam). Her bond is set at $33,000.

Tammie Archibald is charged with Possession of CDS I (Ecstasy) and Resisting an Officer. Tammie has since bonded out of OCC.

Samuel Archibald is charged with Possession of CDS IV (Clonazepam), Possession of CDS I (Marijuana), and Failure to Appear (Bench Warrant). His bond is $3,250.

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