NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Friday, the New Orleans Police Department held a press conference in response to the deadly shooting that happened at a high school graduation in May.

On May 31, Moris Jeff High School Class of 2022 had a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments at Xavier University when an altercation after the ceremony turned deadly.

According to NOPD, as graduates and families were leaving the ceremony, detectives said an altercation broke out between two females.

Police reported that at least three people were shot, including an elderly woman who was believed to be a grandmother.

The grandmother was allegedly shot in the head and was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting according to police.

“I want to express my thoughts and prayers and condolences to the family of Mrs. Augustine Greenwood, literally absolutely makes no sense that we have to stand here today to speak of such a senseless senseless act,” said Ferguson.

According to Ferguson, 4 individuals have arrest warrants. One of the four is a juvenile according to NOPD.

40-year-old Laverne Duplessis is wanted for manslaughter, obstruction of justice, and carrying a gun in a gun-free zone.

18-year-old Brandon Rock is wanted for manslaughter, carrying a gun in a gun-free zone, Rock was one of the individuals shot in the incident according to police.

49-year-old Frank Bartholomew has a warrant issued for obstruction of justice.

The juvenile is a 15-year-old boy who was carrying a gun in a gun-free zone as well reported Ferguson. The 15-year-old was also one of the individuals shot in the incident.

Ferguson said the police department received many tips on the incident from the community.

6 weapons were collected from the scene that day pointed out Ferguson.

“People are bringing weapons to graduations, not balloons flowers, not cards, commending our youth as they are taking a huge step in their lives, we have to think about the mentality of where we are in society, ” said Ferguson.

NOPD announced that the two females who started the altercation were not charged in regard to the incident.