Monroe sees a decrease in crime rates for 2018


MONROE, La. (10/15/2019)– Project safe neighborhood and neighborhood watch. It’s programs like these city officials are hoping will lower the crime rate in Monroe. This according to FBI crime statistics.

“It works when we all come together, we all fight crime together, it works,” Mayor Jamie Mayo said.

Most of the crimes that happen within the city deal with reoccurring suspects in specific locations. That’s why more officers are being added to those locations to help lower the crime rates even more.

“We’re adding 6 officers to the peak crime times,” Eugene Ellis, Monroe Police Chief, said. “What this is going to do is it’s going to put more boots on the ground and allow us more availability and opportunity to stop these guys before these incidents happen.”

Although there will be a stronger law enforcement presence. Officers can’t do it all on their own.

“We are only one component on the criminal justice system and we have resources that we can put out there to help, but we’re just one component,” Reggie Brown, Monroe PD Public Information Officer, said. “The community is the biggest component.”

This is where the city is asking the community to step up and be not only a voice, but an example for the younger generations.

“We know that we need more positive male role models that are willing to take a stand, and we ask the entire community to help change the culture of violence that exists among our young males.” Chief Ellis said.

According to a report by the FBI, Monroe saw a 38 percent decrease in violent crimes last year compared to 2017.

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