Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This content surrounds the topic of sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On March 14, 2023, at 8:07 PM, the Monroe Police Department was dispatched to the Glenwood Regional Medical Center in response to a rape investigation. Authorities made contact with the victim, who informed them that she was allegedly raped by a Black male, later identified as 38-year-old Enderrell Hawkins, at an apartment complex on Ferrand Street. 

The victim only knew the suspect by the name Trey and remembered that the name of the apartment where the incident occurred started with COR. She claimed that on the morning of March 14, 2023, Trey made her enter his car on S. 4th Street in West Monroe and drove the victim to his apartment without stopping for any traffic controls. 

According to the affidavit, once they arrived at the suspect’s residence, the victim made it known to him that she did not want to leave the vehicle. Hawkins responded that he would “beat her up until the police get there” if she refused his orders.

When they entered the apartment, the victim was told to remove her clothes, which she denied, but Hawkins forcefully removed her pants. The suspect demanded that she get into the shower, and he proceeded to put her clothes in his washing machine.  

The victim requested to take a second shower later to get away from Hawkins as well as attempted to find a weapon as protection. Hawkins placed a trash bag and a large plant in front of the front door to stop the victim from leaving.

Photo courtesy of Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

Hawkins confiscated the victim’s phone and snapchatted himself photographs of her. The victim showed authorities the time stamp of the photos, which showed 8:52 AM.

The victim was allegedly forced by Hawkins to consume Malibu rum, marijuana, and methamphetamine. Throughout the day, Hawkins would frequently touch the victim’s body parts.

Later in the day, Hawkins allegedly grabbed the victim by the head and made her perform sexual favors on the couch in the living room. The sexual assault continued when he forced her upstairs to his bedroom for sex.

According to the affidavit, the victim tried to convince Hawkins that she suffered from endometriosis, a condition that causes pain during intercourse. Despite informing Hawkins of this condition, the sexual assault continued.

The victim had begun crying, which made Hawkins not want to deal with her anymore, and he allowed her to get dressed. Hawkins then transported the victim back to West Monroe, where he had initially taken her.

The victim was able to provide specific details about the suspect’s apartment, including that he had a security camera that faced his apartment’s parking lot. Hawkins watched footage from the camera before they left the apartment to ensure no one was outside. 

The victim also disclosed that Hawkins drove a blue hatchback style vehicle and was a Black male of average height and weight with a short haircut. The victim’s description of the apartment led officers to the Cordova Apartments on Ferrand Street.

On March 17, 2023, when authorities arrived at these apartments, they found a residence with a security camera at the front door pointing at the parking lot. A worker at the apartment complex confirmed that the suspect described lived at that residence and drove a blue vehicle. A search warrant was obtained for the residence. 

While authorities waited for the approval of their search warrant, they spotted a Black male matching the description exiting the residence with two white trash bags. The trash bags were dumped on the north side of the apartment complex, then he returned to his apartment. 

Soon, officers knocked at the suspect’s front door, where he was obtained, advised of his Miranda rights, and shown a copy of the search warrant for his residence. The officers searched the apartment and found it to match the victim’s description.  

The following items were uncovered in the search warrant:

  • 10.3 grams of uncontained suspected marijuana
  • A large bottle of Malibu rum
  • Rolled up blue Doritos bag inside of a small container with his name on it; two cut straws inside the container; debit card with Hawkins’ name; and white powder residue (all found inside white trash bags he took to the trash cans)
  • Large plant

Once Hawkins signed his Miranda rights, he admitted to picking up the victim the day of the incident at a residence on N. 4th Street in West Monroe. According to the affidavit, The suspect claims that the victim snapped him pictures before he picked her up, and she was the one who sent him the photographs after arriving at his apartment. 

Additionally, the suspect said she stripped herself and got into his shower when they arrived at his apartment, and she washed her own clothes because they were dirty. Hawkins proceeded to give a statement that did not align with his initial statement by saying she was naked in a towel after showering, then stated she had a shirt on after showering. 

The suspect told authorities that all sexual activities were consensual between himself and the victim. Hawkins also explained that the victim showered before leaving the apartment to go home, so her boyfriend would not know. Hawkins then changed his statement and said her second shower occurred before they had sex.

Hawkins’s statement was found to be very inconsistent, and he also denied the allegations that the possible drugs found in the trash bag belonged to him. Hawkins told authorities the victim must have placed the drugs in his trash without him noticing.

When officers viewed the Ring camera footage on his phone, they found no footage of him arriving with the victim in the parking lot or entering or leaving the residence through the front door with the victim. Although the footage was discovered of the suspect walking to his car with the victim at 10:40 PM on March 17. 

In the footage, it appears that the victim is walking in front of Hawkins at a fast pace while the suspect is walking rather slowly. When authorities were viewing the footage, they discovered a segment labeled Live View prior to the victim and suspect walking to the vehicle. 

When Hawkins was asked what the meaning of “Live View” meant, he explained that it meant that someone was viewing the footage live during that time. The explanation matched the victim’s statement that Hawkins viewed the footage before going to the vehicle. 

The Ring camera captures the movement of people coming and going in front of the residence as well as on the side where his vehicle is located. There is no footage of the suspect showing up to the apartment or entering or exiting, which signifies the possibility of footage being deleted. 

Hawkins seemed to show little remorse during his interview due to a lack of emotion and a yawn. Although, when pressed about his emotions, he became overly emotional and claimed he would not commit a crime like this. 

According to authorities, the lack of consistency in the suspect’s statement gave sufficient evidence that supported the victim’s statement. Hawkins is being held with no bond and facing charges of False Imprisonment, Second-Degree Rape, and Sexual Battery.