VARNADO, La. (WGNO) — On Wednesday, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office announced that several local businesses were revisited after being cited for selling alcohol to juveniles in May. In late July, the Sheriff’s Office once again conducted a JUDE operation by using an undercover juvenile to attempt to buy alcohol at 23 businesses. In the second operation, police reported that only one parish business sold alcohol to a juvenile on July 29.

In the second operation, the clerk at the Chevron on Highway 21 in Varnado was cited for selling alcohol to someone underage. Police reports show that this was the second offense for that business in a period of fewer than three months, with the first citation being issued in late May.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office also revisited other businesses that sold alcohol to a juvenile and reported that four businesses that were cited before did not sell alcohol to the undercover juvenile the second time around. “Those four businesses requested proper identification and refused to sell alcohol to the juvenile,” stated the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Randy Seal said that out of twenty-three businesses visited on July 29, only one sold alcohol to a minor. He added, “while that is a low percentage, it is still one too many. The vast majority of parish business establishments which are licensed to sell alcohol do so in a responsible manner. I congratulate them and their clerks for demonstrating integrity and honesty.”