CRIME: Six Monroe kids have bikes stolen; family shares their plea


MONROE, LA (2/5/20)– In today’s time you can find many kids in front of the TV or playing video games, but for six Monroe kids, their greatest toy is their bikes. However, super bowl Sunday night, all six bikes were stolen.

“We have a whole bunch of friends and we would ride over to the Mac over there on Cuba. Then we would go to the Green Park. Now we have to walk over there,” said Colby Shambro, had bike stolen.

The family says the kids go to school, do their homework, and spend the rest of the afternoon popping wheelies and riding their bikes. This became their daily routine.

“It’s great to have kids that want to be outside and enjoy the outside. They are not inside on video games and all that. It’s what they want to do…be outside,” said Scott Cheek, Family.

The family says all 6 bikes cost around $1200 and some were less than a few months old. 5 of the bikes were behind the bushes and one was by the garage being worked on.

“Most of these were given to them for their Christmas or birthday and they really do miss them,” said Mary Cheek, Family.

“Yeah I hadn’t had a bike for a few years and after my brother got a bike I was like I want a bike too. So then I got one but then it got stolen,” said Mary Jean Cheek, had bike stolen.

In addition to these 6 bikes being stolen, the family says others on Orleans Street had bikes stolen as well. People in the surrounding neighborhood told the family that 6 kids were seen walking around with 11 bikes Sunday night around 9:00.

“If the people aren’t found, at least the bikes are recovered where you know the kids could have their bikes back. These were bikes they picked out,” said Scott Cheek.

All 6 bikes have their own personal characteristics to make them stand out from the look-a-likes.

“When you see an orange bike with 3 pegs and a rusty chain then you know, that’s it,” said Scottie Cheek, had bike stolen.

The family has said if you see a group of kids carrying these bikes or recognize a bike, contact the Monroe Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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