BOGALUSA, La. (BRPROUD) – A deputy with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate a complaint on Monday, October 24.

The “deputy responded to a complaint on Reid Pigott Road concerning a suspicious man carrying a large stick who was walking in and out of a yard and then into adjacent woods,” according to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

At first, the deputy did not have any luck finding the man.

The deputy was told to check a home in the area.

WPSO said that after arriving at the home, the deputy saw that the door was not locked and proceeded to walk inside.

“Once inside the residence, he encountered a naked man sitting in a recliner,” according to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The naked man was later identified as Jessie Patterson, 50, of Bogalusa.

When questioned, Patterson said he was renting but the homeowner dismissed that claim.

The homeowner stated that Patterson was not renting and “a check with the complainant indicated this was the man who previously was walking in and out of another yard,” according to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

WPSO said Patterson was arrested “and transported to the Washington Parish Jail.”

Patterson allegedly made it hard for the deputy to take him to jail.

Corrections deputies and another patrol deputy assisted the arresting deputy with transporting Patterson into the jail.

Patterson was charged with the crimes listed below:

  • Simple Burglary
  • Prohibited Acts
  • Resisting an Officer

This is not the first time that Patterson has been arrested and taken to the Washington Parish Jail.

The Bogalusa man was booked into the prison on four other occasions ranging from 2008 to 2022.

Some of the charges that Patterson faced after those arrests include those listed below:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Criminal Neglect of Family
  • Theft of a Motor Vehicle
  • Resisting an Officer

Patterson remains behind bars on $25,000 bond.

“Mr. Patterson was far too comfortable in another person’s residence,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “I’m glad our officer was able to clothe him before transporting him to jail. After already making one unwise decision to force his way into a residence, Patterson made another unwise decision by refusing to exit the deputy’s vehicle and walk into the jail like a man. Our deputies persuaded him otherwise. Welcome to the Washington Parish Jail, Mr. Patterson.”