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Confucius was right: distance does lend enchantment to the view; whether you’re talking about the Great Smoky Mountains, mornings at Churchill Downs or crawfish season in the Ark-LA-Miss.

My thirty-two years in television have taken me all over the Midwest, mid-south and Deep South.

I couldn’t have asked for a better ride.

I’ve interviewed Presidents and/or major presidential candidates from Gerald R. Ford to Ted Cruz. Flown in an F-15 and a KC-135 over Alaska, for air-to-air refueling training. Roasted in 100+ degree heat with recruits at Fort Polk, LA and marveled as the world’s worst brought out our country’s best after 9/11.

The attacks changed us all, reminding us that whatever our backgrounds or beliefs, we’re all Americans. Privileges and freedom bring with them responsibilities and accountability.

Ask a Southerner the time, and you’ll learn how to build a watch. We’re outspoken, old-fashioned, progressive, even contradictory. 
But this is certain: families matter. Integrity matters. Delivering on your promises matters.

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