Young student leader shares her journey on how she is striving for change


RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Skylar Dean has made it her life mission to help others.

“If I’m not impacting someone in some sort of way, I feel like I failed in the day,” Dean said.

At just 19 years old she started her own non-profit organization called ‘Youth Without Limitations’.

“We see the adults that are being change makers, but I wanted the youth to know that ‘hey you guys can be the change you want to see in the world, too’,” Dean said.

Through the non-profit, Dean is able to give those kids the resources they need to make a change, including supplies through back-to-school give-a-ways.

“I just really want the youth to know that ‘hey, you have power and it’s time to tap into it’,” Dean said.

Dean was also the young leader behind the Ruston march this past summer.

“It’s time for our justice system to see us, hear us, and make a change,” Dean said at the march in June.

She said when she planned the march she only expected students to attend.

“But no, the Ruston community came out too, so not only do the people on campus want to see change, also the community in Ruston wants to see change,” Dean said. “So I was like I’m glad that I was able to put this together so that everyone could see ‘hey we all want this change, so what’s next? What are we going to do to actually get it?”

Dean said change is a marathon, not a sprint.

“Everything we are fighting for today is not for us. I hate when people say like, ‘I want justice now,” Dean said. “I want to see a change now,’ because it’s not realistic. We are really fighting to pave the way for the youth, so that they can continue the journey.”

Dean said her journey for change doesn’t stop at Louisiana Tech.

After college, she plans to attend law school to lead her to a position where she can write change.

“So I want to get into office, get into senate, write the laws, or rewrite the laws that already oppress us, that’s my ultimate goal,” Dean said.

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