Monroe– Over at Forsythe Park, the Children’s Coalition and the Louisiana Early Childhood Association held a Family Field Day for residents.

Organizers say they wanted to host the free event for ‘Week of the Young Child,’ which is a national celebration of early childhood education. 

The Family Field Day included Zumba workouts,free food, and games.

Organizers say these acivities highlight the importance of getting your children engaged in activities at a young age.

“To bring information to the parents about how their children need to play more and then to be able to give parents ideas that they can use to enrich their children’s play. To ask them a lot of analytical questions and things like that,” says Gerry Binkley, Louisiana Early Childhood Association District Chair.

‘Week of the Young Child’ continues tomorrow with Music Monday. 

Organizers say it encourages parents to sing, dance, and make music with their kids.