Weddings postponed due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions; Venue owners work to prevent cancellations


RUSTON, LA. (03/17/2020)– With social gatherings being restricted to lower the spread of the coronavirus, many brides and grooms have had to postpone their special day.

“The health concern of being around people is a huge concern, Alli Brister, owner of White Oak Venue in Ruston, said. “They have already had family and friends that have said they will not be joining them, which nobody wants no one to come so they are just confused on what the right thing to do is at this time.”

Brister says over the past week, she has received calls and texts from concerned brides and their families wondering what they can do to save the date.

“The factor of not knowing when the government is going to release all of this or when the coronavirus is under control,” Brister said. “It’s just the unknown. We just don’t know how far we need to reschedule.”

Not only does the couple lose their wedding day, but wedding vendors are also impacted. Photographers, videographers, DJ’s and others depend on events like this.

“And so right now I am just praying for them,” Brister said. “They’ve got families to support and bills to pay, house notes to pay, and food to feed their children with, and so it’s putting a very fear in people. I think that’s what’s causing more of the panic than the lack of being sick, it’s more of how are we going to make ends meet when everything is kind of shutting down.”

Brister says although their 2020 calendar is full, they are doing their best to be able to save as many weddings as possible.

“At White Oak Venue we are doing everything in our control to make that dream a reality, we are just going to need to remember patience and know that we are doing the best we can to make sure their wedding takes place over the next month or so,” Brister said.

Whether weddings will be postponed or cancelled will depend on what the government decides in the next few weeks.

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