WATER OUTAGES: If you live outside Monroe city limits, here’s how you should be receiving water


MONROE , LA (KTVE/KARD)– Water issues continue for people across our area. Some of you are dealing with low water pressure…while others have no water at all. According to Monroe City officials, there are no water outages inside the city limits. However, it you live outside those limits you could be one of the many who doesn’t have water and you might be wondering why you don’t.

“The City of Monroe has a number of bulk water customers (other water systems) whom we deliver water to. We sale it to them and then they turn around and sell it to their customers. Town and Country is one of our customers, Greater Ouachita is one of our customers,” said Michelli Martin, Communications Director for the City of Monroe.

City officials say it is up to the water systems who buy from the city to get that water to their customers. Michelli martin, Monroe’s Communications Director, says the city has given water to these bulk customers. However, it may not be the amount they usually would receive.

“There are previsions, in the contract that we have with those bulk water customers, that allow the city to reduce the amount of gallons per minute if necessary, such as this historic winter weather. Now at no point has the City of Monroe stopped providing water to these bulk customers, we have simply reduced the amount of gallons per minute. But we are still providing these customers water,” said Martin.

Some of these water systems rely on Monroe’s water pressure to get the water to customers, but since the city is dealing with multiple leaks, everyone is seeing low water pressure. Officials say employees are working around the clock to fix that.

Now, we have received multiple calls from viewers who live outside the city limits, asking why they don’t have water. We have reached out to Greater Ouachita Water Company for answers, but have not gotten a response back. We will keep you update when that information becomes available.

Resident in the Town of Tallulah are also without water. According to the cities Facebook page they have identified more than 100 leaks. The city also posted a water schedule. Tonight the water was turned on from 6-8 P.M. Starting tomorrow, it will be turned on from 7-11 A.M. and 4-8 P.M. This will happen daily until further notice.

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