Trash piles up in Morehouse Parish


MOREHOUSE PARISH, LA. (07/31/2020)– When you take your trash out on pickup day, you expect it to be taken care of, but that’s not the case for residents in Morehouse Parish.

“They have been picking up the trash every three weeks instead of every week,” Mark Robinson, a Bastrop resident, said. “Trash was four pans deep and it seems like they just won’t pick it up.”

Piles of trash and debris can be seen at the end of drive ways in Bastrop as residents wait for the parish to collect the garbage.

“It’s ridiculous,” Robinson said. “It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

In the meantime, locals say animals are creating an even bigger problem.

“I do see more raccoons and dogs of course, the neighborhood dogs,” Kenneth George, a Bastrop resident, said. “There’s no leash law outside of city limits so dogs are knocking over trashcans and it’s a mess.”

Robinson said his garbage is usually picked up every Thursday, but trucks didn’t come by this week either.

“In fact they were supposed to pick it up yesterday and nothing yet,” Robinson said.

George said he spoke with parish officials, but no straight answers were given.

“Every time you call they are down a truck, they’ll be out that afternoon or earlier the next day,” George said. “It’s often that they never come, Morehouse Parish seems to be rampant with that problem.”

Robinson says if he’s going to pay for the service, he just wants the garbage collection company to hold up their end of the bargain.

“I just hope they get on the ball and do the right thing,” Robinson said.

We reached out to the Morehouse Parish Police Jury, but they were not available to comment at this time.

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