Supplies running low at local hardware and grocery stores as people prepare for the weather


WEST MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– Supplies are running low at local hardware and grocery stores as people prepare for the weather. Multiple hardware stores say they have people coming in non stop for generators, heaters, pipe installation, and anything that will help keep them warm during these wintry conditions. At Home and Ranch Hardware, they say these items are flying off the shelves.

“We don’t have any faucet covers in stock, we only have probably one heater left, and no propane either,” said Blake Swanner, workers at Home and Ranch Hardware.

However, these aren’t the only items that are running low. Grocery stores are seeing a big impact as well. Non-perishable foods like, bread, snacks, and water are some of the first items being picked up at the stores.

“You tell somebody it’s going to snow and sleet, they are gonna fill the cart up. I’m afraid they [grocery stores] are going to be kind of scarce,” said Minnie Lindsay, Local shopper.

While some locals think the weather won’t be anything but cold… Others are saying it’s best to be prepared.

“Everybody come on now, because it is going to be rough tomorrow,” said Lindsay.

“We already got our houses prepped with the faucet covers. All we gotta do is wait it out, I guess,” said Swanner.

The owner of Gene Cox Convenience Store in West Monroe says they’re also seeing a rise in sales as people are preparing for the cold weather.

“The uptick has been in propane sales. Everybody that has a propane based device, like a grill or a fireplace, are getting some extra propane. Fuel sales have been up a little but it is so cold out there,” said Cox.

And heavy ice in the roads could put convenience stores in a tough spot.

“My biggest concern would be an interruption in my vendors and not being able to get out and replenish my store,” said Cox.

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