Sterlington seeks input from locals concerning alcohol sales during youth games at sports complex


STERLINGTON, LA. (06/26/2020)– Sterlington’s Town Council has announced the possibility of selling alcohol from the town’s sports complex concession stand.

“It’s a decision they also want the input of the community on, so they’re going to defer that to the new board when it’s put in place,” Devin Jones, Sterlington Town Attorney, said. “In making that decision, they are just asking for some outreach regarding it,”

Jones said while alcoholic beverages are already sold during adult tournaments, this change would allow beer to be sold during youth games as well.

“There’s no limitation on an ordinance on when you can sell it,” Jones said. “It’s just a policy decision and like most police decisions, years later it’s always good to review on them and see if it’s still a good policy or something you want to go forward with.”

Town Council has also adopted an ordinance establishing a board of directors for the sports complex. Jones said the board will consist of one alderman and six at large members.

“Of those members, three will come from Sterlington and the other three will come from the parish of Ouachita,” Jones said. “That will be used to guide the Sterlington Sports Complex in decisions.”

Jones said this change will allow locals to have more input on decision making for the sports complex.

“This is a facility that was created by the town of Sterlington, for the residents of Sterlington, to benefit Sterlington,” Jones said. “There are many people, professional and otherwise, that have experience they can bring to the table to help make better decisions for the Sterlington Sports Complex.”

To weigh in on the decision concerning alcohol sales, you can contact Town Hall at (318) 665-2157.

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