MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – It’s the campaign’s 20th anniversary in the Twin Cities and continues the lifesaving work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and today’s groundbreaking is step one in towards next year’s big giveaway.  

The kick off to start construction on this new dream home is set right on Frenchman’s Bend in Monroe.

Brian Allen has been working with Branco Construction for about 12 years, and has donated time and materials to build the st. jude dream home giveaway house.    

 He says besides the challenges he’s faced to start the construction,  he says he feels proud to be part of this home giveaway for a great cause.

“It gets pretty challenging, but at the end, we’re like ‘we’re not doing this again’ but when we give it away.” Says Allen. 

“It’s not so much to see that person who gets the free home, but when we get to see the patience and we realize what the dividends have done for st. jude.” He says. 

Allen says getting materials during this time and date was challenging due to the change of the economy, and the pandemic. 

He says subcontractors had trouble finding help and labor, but he says he remained hopeful besides the financial burdens.

“It’s still worth it to us, we’re excited. We got a lot of vendors and subcontractors who have been with us since we started this 11 years ago. 

so, it’s a wonderful event to be a part of. we’re doing it again next year.” Says Allen

Jan Strickland with Strickland Interiors says this is her 5th St. Jude Dream Home and she says she’s excited to share some of this house’s unique features.

“Large kitchen, large master bathrooms, and a large master bedroom suite.” Says Strickland.

She says this project is very close to her since she lost a  childhood friend who was battling with cancer

“It’s very near to my heart. Anything that I can do to help raise funds for St. Jude I would do.” Says Strickland.

“Buying a ticket for the home is amazing, but what that money goes towards to it’s what matters.”