Sen. Bill Cassidy speaks on what happened in the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon


WEST MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– A day after a violent mob stormed the US Capitol, disrupting congress and leaving 4 people dead, numerous DC lawmakers are sharing their perspectives from inside the capitol lockdown. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy recalls the heart pounding moments he experienced inside the capitol yesterday.

“I’m thinking to myself, this is the Untied States of America, if this was a foreign country doing this to us, we would be at war. I was so angry,” said Bill Cassidy, (R) United States Senator representing Louisiana.

Senator Cassidy says what started as counting electoral college votes, ended with the shutdown at the Capitol.

“Then there is kind of a rustle in the chamber and I look up and Mike Pence is gone. Like he was there, I looked down, I looked up, he’s gone. I told someone it was like the raptured occurred,” said Senator Cassidy.

Being told nothing but to lock the doors to the Senate Chamber and be prepared to get under chairs if necessary. Senator Cassidy says it wasn’t until members inside started to receive text messages learning what was really happening outside the Nations Capitol…and soon to be brought inside.

“I’m sitting next to Ted Cruz, my wife texted me pictures and video of what’s happening and Cruz somehow gets different images. I first learned about what’s going on because we are looking at each others phones. At some point they say “Capitol Police are being over run, we got to evacuate you,” said Cassidy.

Protestors overthrew police and began running the halls of the capitol….Finding their way onto the senate floor. Senator Cassidy says he is angry as this should have been a peaceful transfer of power.

“We have great freedoms in our country, but with great freedom comes great responsibility. When people abuse freedoms, it is no longer a freedom. Now they are attempting to oppose their will on the rest of the United States. I hope they find them and I hope they prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law,” said Senator Cassidy.

After a night of unknown, fear, and disbelief, the U.S. House and Senate came back for business.
They voted in a joint session of Congress and certified the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

“He [Biden] is going to be our president. Where we can work together, we will work together and where I think he is wrong, I will oppose him. Obviously it’s not about anything but how to make our country a better place for ourselves and for future Americans. If we can work together I will be very pleased to do so,” said Senator Cassidy.

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