Residents ordered to conserve water after city pipe issues


TALLULAH, LA. (02/26/2020)– Bottled water is on the top of every grocery list in Tallulah.

“Our water steady getting cut off without any prior warning and like, we’re just going through a lot of things in Tallulah, Louisiana, you know,” Jerome Washington, a Tallulah resident, said.

The City of Tallulah discovered water leaks in six different locations. For now residents are asked to conserve water.

“Two of these were created by boaring crews laying lines and the other four are just regular breaks that appeared,” Charles Finlayson, Mayor of Tallulah, said.

Mayor Charles Finlayson says crews are working to fix the pipes.

“We are working from the more severe break to the least,” Mayor Finlayson said.

This stems from Tallulah’s water plant being roughly 60 years old, but it’ll be years before the city can replace the entire plant. For now temporary adjustments are the answer, but even those have added to the list of water issues.

“We had an emergency power unit and a high volume pump was installed 30 days ago and we are having problems with it,” Mayor Finlayson said.

While the city works to repair the pumps and pipes, Washington says the damages are causing major problems for not only him and his family, but all Tallulah residents.

“It gets to the point where we can’t take baths, we can’t feed our children,” Washington said.

Schools have sent students home and may be closed in the coming days. Residents say they just want usable water.

“Humans need water to survive, right? So what situation am I in? What are we left with? Think about it,” Washington said.

City officials say it is unclear when construction crews will be done fixing the water pipes. Until then residents are asked to conserve water while it is on. The city says they will keep residents updated.

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