Remarkable Woman: Meet Olivia Cuthbert


CHOUDRANT, La. (03/03/2020) — Tragedy struck Olivia Cuthbert at an early age as she was called to carry on the legacy of a friend.

“We lost a close family friend, her name is Katie Joyce, when she was 7 to an ependymoma, which is a brain tumor.”

Christy Mabou, Olivia’s mother & Community Outreach Coordinator

It was a painful loss for all who knew the sweet young girl but they’ve found a sense of her through their deep faith.

Katie was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just two years old, she fought the disease for five years. Everyday Olivia strives to keep Katie’s memory alive.

“To leave her legacy is all that I could hope for is that she’s proud of what I’m doing.

Olivia Cuthbert, Remarkable Woman Recipient

Unfortunately, Katie lost her battle in December of 2015 and that’s when a Work of Heart was born. A non-profit providing those with life threatening illnesses and disabilities, a beautiful distraction to their sickness.

“Most 16-year-olds don’t start a non-profit organization to serve others and not expect anything in return other than the smiles on people’s faces,” said Olivia’s mother Christy Mabou.

However, Olivia did, art was something she shared with Katie, but one stroke at a time her aim is to provide the gift of art to others; who she’s learned are not limited to their disabilities.

This is why her mother feels she is exceptional.

“She’ll tell you she’s not remarkable but anybody that knows her, they would argue and say that she’s pretty remarkable. Olivia is just special, she’s always had a servant’s heart.”

Christy Mabou, Olivia’s Mother & Community Outreach Coordinator

Olivia believes it’s what she’s been put on this earth to do and she hopes others will too!

“I feel like any woman can be a remarkable woman if they just put their calling into action. That’s what I did,” she said.

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