MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– This is the second snowfall we’ve seen this year in North Louisiana and some people are enjoying this change in weather. This snow day was historic for North Louisiana, The Weather Channel even made it out to West Monroe Monday morning. Their correspondent says we see an average of 0.9″ of an inch of snow a season, but Monday looked a little different. What started as heavy sleet and freezing rain in the early hours of Monday morning quickly turned into inches of snow…leaving you at home waking up to snow packed street throughout Louisiana .

In the video above, Ryan Williams of Sterlington filmed a family driving an air fan boat through the middle of the street. Over in Ruston, Julie Trauth sent us a picture of her granddaughter dressed as a Disney Princess, Elsa. Next, we have drone video sent by Aubrey Laneigh, she took this in West Monroe near Krioli Park. You can see a very snow covered neighborhood. Other viewers took a chance at some winter sports, this is Brittany Motes snowboarding down a hill in West Monroe. Finally, The roads may be covered in snow, but inflatable tubes that are meant for summer at the lake are getting their chance in the winter. This video was sent in by Hartley Waldrop.

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