RUSTON, LA. (05/29/2020)– Multiple daycare facilities have reopened, including the Emmanuel Baptist Preschool. Kathy Mitchell, the preschool director, said before walking into the building, students and teachers have their temperatures taken.

“We have the parents get them out of the vehicle and a staff member takes them inside where hands are immediately washed,” Mitchell said.

The preschool has cut down on class sizes, Mitchell said classes are now nine students to one teacher. They have also taken other steps to insure social distancing.

“We are eating in our classrooms instead of our lunch rooms,” Mitchell said. “The same thing goes for outside, we are allowed outside one group at a time.”

Commonly used surfaces and toys are sanitized constantly.

“They are allowed to play together with different toys just things like that throughout the day in different centers and we do sanitize those centers many times during the day,” Mitchell said.

Teachers wear masks at all times, but they aren’t the only ones.
Masks were also made for dolls and teddy bears to make them less frightening for the kids.

“Especially my babies you know that is one thing that I do have concerns about and we are just making every effort to talk with them more and smile and laugh and just have that communication and interaction with them,” Mitchell said.

At pick up, temperatures are taken once again before kids are returned to their parents.

“I feel that it’s important that we do everything that we can to protect our children and the families that we serve along with our staff, of course,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said parents are no longer allowed in the preschool building to help limit the amount of visitors and germs from coming in.