New Louisiana law might make it easier for permit holders to conceal carry in churches


BASTROP, LA. (08/02/2020)– A new Louisiana law states church authorities can no longer require the extra eight hour tactical training for anyone who wishes to conceal carry in the house of worship.

“Times are changing and people want to protect themselves, more now than ever,” Hunter Simmons, Chief Operating Officer of Simmons Sporting Goods, said. “Any law that allows you to protect yourself and your family, I think is a good thing.”

According to House Bill 334, it’s ultimately up to the church whether or not anyone can carry in the building at all.

“These laws didn’t change because legislatures wanted to do it,” Marc Mouton, a local gun vendor, said. “It came from places around the country where people went into houses of worship and attempted to shoot people. Some people will be for it, some people will be against it, but clearly the legislature acted upon things that have happened around the country.”

So if the church decides to allow it, conceal handgun permit holders don’t have to take any extra training. Simmons said that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the extra measures on your own just to be safe.

“If you are going to carry in a place of worship or anywhere where there is going to be a lot of people and it may be chaotic you want to make sure that you have training,” Simmons said. “Know what you are doing and fall back on that training if something happens.”

He said for churches that are going to allow conceal carry, the best idea would be to come up with a plan beforehand.

“Talk to the people that are in the church that are going to carry and plan on carrying and make sure that you know who those people are and make sure that they are prepared as well,” Simmons said.

This is one of the nearly 200 new Louisiana laws that went into effect August 1, 2020.

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