A man is now in custody after barricading himself in his home for two hours.

Deputies were called to a residence in Strong, Arkansas around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

The man, identified as Thomas Black, was allegedly making threats to family members and waving a gun outside.

Deputies made an attempt to negotiate with him.

One call lasted over an hour, but Black still wouldn’t come out.

Deputies used a ram and flash bangs to enter the home.

He was handcuffed and taken to county jail in El Dorado.

A traffic stop in Delhi has led to a man being arrested, and a significant amount of drugs being seized.

Officers pulled over Brandon Mitchell for an equipment violation.

They say they could smell burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, so they brought out K-9 officer Nero.

Nero helped police find what they call a significant amount of suspected meth and marijuana inside.

Mitchell is charged with possession of schedule one and two narcotics with intent, and possession of paraphernalia.