Monroe Water System implements Smart Water Flushing System


MONROE, LA. (07/07/2020)– In the past, water hydrants were left open for about an hour allowing water to flow. This kept the water flushed and clean, but there’s a new process that helps conserve water at the same time.

“The City of Monroe Water System is testing an innovative way to flush it’s water system without wasting those vast amounts of water,” Angela Campbell, Interim Superintendent of Water Distribution, said.

Officials say this will help conserve millions of gallons of water when the city conducts it’s annual water system flushing.

Here’s how it works-

The truck unit is parked between two fire hydrants with hoses connected from each hydrant back to the NO-DES Unit. This creates a temporary loop in the water distribution system.

“A pump on the NO-DES unit then circulates water through that loop at a velocity fast enough to scour the inside of the water main,” Campbell said.

The water is then filtered through the NO-DES Unit to remove the sediment and biofilm that’s been stirred.

The initiative started Tuesday morning and will run until Friday at 3pm.

Residents are asked to refrain from doing laundry until the system is complete. The water could cause discoloration in clothing.

If your clothes do get stained as a result of using water during the flushing period, you are asked to keep them wet. You can call the Monroe Wter Distribution at (318) 329-2386 to receive a cleaning agent to remove the stains at no charge.

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