Monroe officials urge residents to fix home address numbers in preparation for holiday season


MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– No one wants their Christmas gifts to be delivered late or never arrive. You can make sure this doesn’t happen to you by ensuring your home address numbers are correct and visible.

This initiative was started by Kema Dawson, a Monroe City Council Member, after she sat down with some postal workers. Those workers told her it is very hard for them to find residents’ addresses to deliver packages because they are not listed on the house or mailbox.

“A good area to put their addresses on is the center of their house, on both sides of the mailbox, that way it is visible if you are coming and going. Make sure it is not behind a tree or a bush. It needs to be visible at all times,” said Kema Dawson, Monroe City Council Member, District 5.

When the address is not listed or is not visible, these packages could be delivered to the wrong house or sent back to a warehouse where they pile up. On top of an increased volume of packages due to the holiday, postal workers are expecting it to double due to the pandemic.

“There has been a big increase in the mail that has been coming in because a lot of people are shopping online due to the pandemic. People aren’t able to go out shopping like they want to, so they are ordering online. Because of this, a lot of mail is being backed up and being shipped quickly,” said Dawson.

They will already have hundreds of packages to deliver a day, doing this could make their job a little easier and faster. While it’s important to get your Christmas gifts in on time, having your address numbers visible could be life-saving during an emergency.

“We want to respond to people as quickly as we possibly can because they are calling us because they need us. So we want to get there and get to the correct home as fast as possible,” said Sabrina January, Captain with Monroe Fire Department.

City officials are asking that residents fix their homes address numbers by November 30th.

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