Missing Louisiana children featured on gas station pump TVs


WEST MONROE, LA. (07/10/2020)– We’re all familiar with the monitors that play while you’re fueling up. Well there’s a new campaign that will give you a reason to stop and watch.

The faces of local missing children are being displayed on gas pump video screens across 20 states in the US, including Louisiana. It’s all part of a new campaign called Runaway Train.

“Last year alone, we had 29,000 cases of missing kids,” Becky Steinbach with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children said. “Children often don’t go very far from where they went missing, so the hope is somebody is going to see their pictures and recognize them.”

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) teamed up with San Francisco-based advertising agency MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER and the gas station video giant, GSTV for the campaign. The videos are already playing on pumps at multiple gas stations across the pelican state.

“When a child is found it’s often because one person has a piece of information or one person saw that child’s photo and that led to their recovery and so we consider those people our every day heroes,” Steinbach said.

She said through the videos they aim to bring hope to families who have a missing loved one and garner new leads in missing children’s cases.

“For families I think it means a lot,” Steinbach said. “It means that someone is aware that their child is missing that it’s a way to activate an entire community to bring that child home and so that is what we are hopeful for as well.”

So as you pump your gas, take a look at the screen, you could have the missing piece that heartbroken families have been longing for.

“It just takes one person to speak up and give the piece of information that leads to the recovery of a child,” Steinbach said.

The campaign will run throughout the month of July.
If you have information about a missing or exploited children contact NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST or on social media @missingkids.

Locations where videos can be found:

4238 Main Street Olla, LA537 Louisiana 151 West Monroe, LA
200 Bridge Street West Monroe, LA
6588 Cypress Street West Monroe, LA
170 Well Road West Monroe, LA
424 Louisiana 546 West Monroe, LA
503 Thomas Road Monroe, LA
1501 North 18th Street Monroe, LA
1407 Sterlington Road Monroe, LA
560 Lincoln Road Monroe, LA
1600 Martin Luther King Junior Drive Monroe, LA
2113 Farmerville Highway Ruston, LA
1408 North Trenton Street Ruston, LA
5665 U.S. 167 Ruston, LA
1503 U.S. 65 Tallulah, LA
537 Louisiana 151 Calhoun, LA

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