Mayor Cotton addresses complaints over drainage issues


BASTROP, LA. (08/07/2020)– Betty Holmes, a Bastrop resident, said every time it rains, the drainage ditch by her home overflows and floods her yard. She said this is due to the drainage being stopped up with plants and debris.

“So it’s just getting worse and worse and it’s washing away my property and the neighbor’s property. He’s been complaining also, but nothing has been done,” Holmes said.

Mayor Henry Cotton said the drainage issues are more complex than what residents see.

“This is not the problem,” Cotton said. “The problem is where the drains, Horse Bayou, is in desperate need of dredging and if we don’t dredge Horse Bayou, then we are going to continue to have flash floods.”

That’s why Mayor Cotton has applied for a 9 million dollar grant under the Louisiana Watershed Initiative.

“We need that money so bad, so we can stop these types of problems and stop flooding people’s houses,” Cotton said.

Mayor Cotton said the grant would allow the city to fix the problem with Horse Bayou.

“And would also allow for fixing the drainage with Stocking Head Creek,” Cotton said. “We would build a basin to catch water, because we can’t let it run downhill to Monroe and it would also clean all of the canals in Bastrop.”

Mayor Cotton said the city is looking into many drainage issues just this like one, but it’s a long list. If you have a similar drainage issue, you can contact the City of Bastrop here.

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