Locals speak out about social distancing


WEST MONROE, LA. (03/27/2020)– Social distancing is something people are just now getting used to. Working around the restrictions can be challenging, but some have found ways to work their daily schedules within the guidelines. We spoke to some locals who say they get their exercise in at parks now, rather than the gym due to COVID-19 temporary closures.

While Amber Alley enjoyed a walk on her own, Steve Chavez and Elizabeth Folk worked out together while distancing themselves at least six feet apart.

Locals say the governor’s stay at home order is challenging, but necessary.

“Having social distancing, having our governor do that for the state of louisiana, is extremely important,” Chavez said.

“I do think it was necessary, because of the way it’s spreading right now,” Alley said.

Locals say they have learned a few things about social distancing.

“This is all about learning to adapt.” Folk said.

“If you do have to go out just be very cautious about getting close to someone,” Alley said.

“There is some of kind of purifying ourselves and in our community,” Chavez said. “I think there are some good things that are coming out of social distancing and staying at home.”

Due to social distancing, locals have stocked up on different items to limit going to grocery stores.
Folk says she has stocked up on frozen and canned foods, while Chavez says his biggest concern was making sure he doesn’t run out of bottled water.

“I know everyone is getting toilet paper right now, but definitely food,” Alley said.

While social distancing can be hard to work around, locals say it’s important because by staying home, you are helping lower the spread of the virus.

“It is very important because you are giving it to people who have health problems and elderly people,” Alley said.

“It’s not just about caring for ourselves, but caring about other people,” Chavez said.

“Just think about everyone you are spreading it to, even if you don’t have symptoms of it,” Amber said.

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