Locals reflect on 2020 and hope for normalcy in the new year


RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– As we all know, 2020 came with many life-altering events including natural disasters like Hurricane Laura.

“Here in Ruston, we went through Hurricane Laura and it took out 95 percent of our power grid, so it was pretty rough for everyone,” Victoria Mount, a Louisiana Tech Senior, said.

“It was just a crazy year overall,” Grayson Sipes, a Ruston resident said. “My house ended up being destroyed by the hurricane almost. It sucked. 2020 was just crazy.”

Lives were also impacted all over the world by the global pandemic.

“It was really rough, COVID had shut pretty much everything down and it put a lot of people out of jobs and I think it was rough on the community as a whole,” Makayla Horton, a Ruston resident, said.

Sipes said he hopes 2021 brings more nightlife and less natural disasters.

“I’m hopeful for the bars. I’m hopeful for the pandemic to die down, people stop dying, and for the environment to stop freaking out with the hurricanes and the fires and all that,” Sipes said.

Victoria Mount is set to graduate this Spring, so she hopes she can return to class in 2021.

“I just hope we can go back to the new norm and we can go back to in person classes at Lousiana Tech, so I can see my friends before we graduate and not just be online on the zoom call,” Mount said.

Horton said when in comes to 2020, she is choosing to look at the silver lining. She said looking back at the last 12 months, it was a year filled with unity. She said she hopes that’s one thing we carry into the new year.

“I would describe it as a year that kind of broke everybody apart but kind of brought everybody together,” Horton said. “Just keep social distancing and wearing your mask and maybe things can start to get better.”

Horton said now that coronavirus vaccines are being distributed, we are already starting the new year on the right track.

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