Local funeral home limits services to family members only due to pandemic restrictions


WEST MONROE, LA. (03/26/2020)– Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. Now the pandemic is making an already difficult time even more challenging.

Michael Mulhearn, owner of the Mulhearn Funeral Home, says over the decades he has faced many challenges, but nothing like what he is seeing today.

“This is kind of uncharted territory for all of us, all funeral homes,” Mulhearn said. “We are all communicating and trying to keep all of our employees and the public safe and the families that we serve safe.”

As the coronavirus puts life on hold, death works on it’s own watch. Some funeral homes around the country work through health restrictions by turning to online funeral services, but Mulhearn has worked out a system to allow family members to safely say goodbye to their loved ones properly.

“What we’ve tried to do is to limit just family members to these services,” Mulhearn said.

Mulhearn says although the service is done in person, all of the planning is done online.

“We chose to go through zoom,” Mulhearn said. “It seems we’ve got it all set up at our funeral homes where we can visit with folks gather all of the information about their survivor and then be able to proceed with the necessary legal arrangements that we have to take care of.”

It may not be the traditional way, but this alternative is how the Mulhearn Funeral Home is doing its part to lower the spread of the coronavirus while helping families through this hard time.

“We are here taking care of things and we will continue to do that, we ask everyone to just pray for us an all of the folks that are dealing with this crisis,” Mulhearn said.

Mulhearn says the funeral home is working to hold memorial services to allow friends a chance to say goodbye, as well, once the order is lifted.

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