RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Louisiana Tech is teaming up with the Louisiana Department of Health to help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the community. The main mission is to create different items for the state’s coronavirus health outreach programs.

“This project is basically taking all of the questions that someone would have about COVID-19 and anything that it has effected and covering it,” Kristen Bastin, a graduate student at Louisiana Tech, said

Through this project, they’re taking information about different health conditions and breaking it down so the average person can better understand.

“It’s something physical that people can see and look for as opposed to giving them a bunch of words that they don’t understand forcing them to go look up other things, make them go look up other resources, and thus waste time in this situation,” Bastin said.

Dr. Kirk St. Amant, Technical Communication Usability and Design Professor at LA Tech, said they also help give instructions on how to use things or perform processes, like checking blood sugar levels.

“So let’s say for example, if you think ‘do I have a COVID-19 infection’ you can read instructions on how to better assess that condition and do so effectively,” Dr. St.Amant said.

They’re also working on a project called ‘Telehealth 2.0’. This project helps patients, caregivers, or a family member taking care of a loved one get in contact with healthcare providers.

“Physicians, nurse practitioners, other healthcare providers that they usually see in person to assess a health condition, but now need to do so either over the phone or through zoom or skype or some other technical source,” Dr. St.Amant said.

Bastin said it’s both exciting and terrifying to be able to work on a project concerning a world pandemic.

“Nothing is concrete and I think that the newness of it all is pretty exciting to learn about,” Bastin said.

Dr. St.Amant said they’re working on providing educational information, not only for the coronavirus. but also other infectious diseases, like the flu.