Kilbourne tornado leaves multiple structures destroyed


KILBOURNE, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– A tornado hit Kilbourne in West Carroll Wednesday night leaving trees toppled over, structures damaged, and power outages.

“It was quiet for just a few seconds, then it was like the world was falling apart,” Sonja Bradford said.

Bradford said the Elm tree that has stood in her backyard for decades was pushed over and landed on the end of her home. she said it landed right on her daughter’s closet.

“I know the house was built in the 50’s so the tree has to be probably a 100 plus years old and it didn’t quite look that big when it was still standing,” Bradford said. “It was horrible, but I will say y’all were right on the money on the timing. Y’all said 8:35 and that’s exactly when it hit.”

Brenda Duckworth said the last time her home was hit by a tornado was in the 90s. It ripped apart the entire roof, except in the back debroom. That’s where she took shelter this time around.

“I could hear it. I stayed on my carport until it actually hit. Ran in the house, grabbed my dog, and went back there in the room. I wasn’t in there about 40 seconds and it was done,” Duckworth said.

Duckworth said her shed in pieces all across her lawn, her house is missing shingles, and the pool she just installed last summer is completely ruined.

“Me and my little dog, we made it through there fine,” Duckworth said.

Connie Green said she was watching the news when she heard the storm passing through.

“I’m sitting here and all of a sudden you hear it go WAM something hit the side of the building. You know, you’re sitting right here and the TV goes off and the last thing you hear is ‘Tornadoes in Kilbourne’,”

“They said your shed is not there anymore.. we you can see where it’s at. It’s scattered.” Green said.

Green said the shed is where she stores her pecans, tomatoes, and peaches during farming season.

Sonya Mabry said she was grateful to have known about the storm before it hit the area.

“I was standing in the edge of the hallway watching TV while we still had electricity, and we were watching Jarod,” Mabry said. “As soon as the electricity went off, I missed it and I was looking again and as soon as it came back on, I was like ‘Here’s Jarod again’, so it was very nice to have a meteorologist really keeping us informed.”

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