MONRE, La. (KTVE/KARD)– The second location of Parkway Pharmacy opened last Friday, January 7th in Monroe. This locally owned pharmacy is catering to the community by providing free deliveries, vaccinations and other medicines.

Since opening the first pharmacy, Parkway Pharmacy in Sterlington in August of 2019, the owners didn’t know what to expect with opening the second location in Monroe. However, they expressed how blessed they are from being welcomed into the community with open arms. Therefore, the owners wanted to be involved with the community as much as possible especially during this pandemic. The owners wanted to build a personal relationship with local residents, when asked how will they manage to do so they stated “well we strive on our motto to keep the convenience in the community and we recognized the need for an independent pharmacy on the south side of Monroe. We went a step further by surveying the neighborhood and asking people in the community which pharmacy they used. Majority stated either Walmart or Target. We asked if they felt it was convenient and we were told they some like the fact they have to travel that far but at times they have no choice. We asked how much of a difference it would be to have a local, independent pharmacy in their neighborhood. After seeing the light in their eyes at how excited they’d be, we knew this was our next calling.” So far residents have found this second location very convenient, and actually look forward to picking up their prescriptions.