Ice and snow have melted but Tallulah residents still without water


TALLULAH, LA (KTVE/KARD)– It has been a week since Louisiana saw extreme winter conditions leading to burst pipes and knocked out power lines. To this day, some residents are still without water in their homes…including the City of Tallulah. This is not the first time the City of Tallulah has dealt with water outages…as this is a recurring thing for the city’s water system. However, members of the community say this experience has been different as they not only saw freezing temperatures but also lost power during all of it.

“It has been really terrible and you have to bring out your survivor skills. I mean it was frightful and fearful around here, especially for our elderly and those with babies. I shudder because I am surprised we didn’t lose anybody,” said Alvin Bagby, Tallulah resident.

Alvin Bagby says he is seeing some water with low pressure, but the city is trying to conserve as much as possible.

“We have a million-gallon, above-ground tank that they can’t keep filled,” said Bagby.

A water schedule started on Friday, giving citizens water from 7 AM to 11 AM and then again from 4 PM to 8 PM. In addition, a water tank was placed at the Community Center where residents could take a container to fill it up, but it had to be boiled before consumption. Residents say even when the waters turned on, the pressure is so bad that there’s nothing you can really do with it.

“We got low water pressure right now, it’s about to go off in a minute. But all you can do is flush your commode because the water is bad,” said Bagby.

When we asked Bagby when he expected the water to be back on….

“Hahaha, we have no transparency, no accountability, and responsibility around here. I hate to tell it like that,” said Bagby.

Locals are hoping once they get the water system fixed due to the winter storm, it won’t have outages again.

“We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on that plant and we still do not have significant water, water pressure, or maintenance. We’ve gone through 3 administrations and we are still having the same problem,” said Bagby.

Tallulah residents tell me different groups and organizations have brought in bottled water for locals to drink.

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