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RUSTON, LA (02/21/2020)– Statistics show at least 50 percent of people who tear their ACL will have arthritis. Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, says his goal is to not only cure his patients, but also prevent arthritis from ever developing.

“Our goal is to get people back, as we say, fitter, faster, and stronger, than they have ever been. And we can do that by helping patients see themselves as athletes in training, not patients in rehab,” Stone said.

The stone clinic’s main focus is to accelerate the healing process.

For those athletes who tear their ACL’s or injure their rotary cuffs,” Stone said. “How do we get them heal to faster? How do we use the new field of biologics to accelerate their healing?”

Stone says the solution is biologic replacements.

“What if all of the replacements our bodies need already exist in nature or within our own stem cells? This is the field of biologis replacements. Where we replace worn out parts with more natural ones.”

In the past, orthopedics would remove damaged tissue and inject cortisone. He says this is what slows down healing and shuts down the metabolism.

“Today we put tissue back into those joints, or we repair them, or regenerate them,” ,” Stone said. “Then we add biologic factors to recruit the body’s own stem derived cells to augment the healing and return them to sports and activities.”

Stone says this process helps stimulate tissue to heal faster. He wants people to see the world of arthritis as preventable, treatable, and eventually curable.

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