HOLIDAY SEASON: Local man gives back to community by buying cars for those in need


BASTROP, LA (12/18/19)– A local man is giving back to the community in a big way. ‘Tis the season of giving. Whether it’s food, toys, or in this case, cars.

“When they brought me the car I just cried, thanked him, and cried some more,” said Sharon Suarez, received a car.

Steven Little and his company, Twin City Maintenance Home Improvements, have bought cars for two locals in need this holiday season.

“One of them has COPD and is sick. She isn’t able to get back and forth to the doctor. The other one had her car breakdown 3 years ago and has been driving a church van,” said Little.

The two on the receiving end did not know they were chosen to be given a car until the vehicle was in their driveway.

“There is people out there who do help and do care,” said Suarez.

Little says he has a heart for giving, even when he himself has been sharing car.

“I like to bless others because your blessings will come back, said Little. “That’s where my heart is, to bless others.”

“God takes care of his people. Regardless of what you’re doing, he’s gonna take care of you,” said Suarez.

Tiny, Suarez’s dog, is also excited to be riding front seat in her new car.

Little is raising money to buy a third car for someone in his community. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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