COLUMBIA, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– A renewable diesel plant in Caldwell Parish is creating a better tomorrow for the environment.

“This is going to be huge, not just for Caldwell Parish, but for the entire state and over the next three decades there’s going to be a standard transition away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy and renewals and that’s what this is about,” Governor John Bel Edwards said.

The plant would produce up to 32 million gallons of renewable fuel annually.

“And it’s going to have a positive impact here,” Gov. Edwards said. “The other thing is when they get this project up and running, they are going to be able to refine very pure diesel out of forest products in a manner that’s considered carbon neutral.”

Through the project, Louisiana Green Fuels would make a capital investment of at least $700M.

“That is going to be a big shot in the arm for Caldwell Parish and for this region of our state and this is just one of the many projects of this type that we are actively bringing to Louisiana,” Gov. Edwards said. “We are going to put as many of them as possible in rural Louisiana just like we’re doing with this one.”

The project would also create nearly 500 new jobs in Caldwell Parish. That’s not including the 450 construction jobs it would bring in during the 30-month building phase.

“So whether you’re going to drill, whether you’re going to service or fabricate, these jobs are going to be available for those employees and those companies and I’m just excited about it,” Gov. Edwards said.

Officials expect operations to begin in 2025.