FRANKLIN PARISH, La (KTVE/KARD) — We’ve seen many girls grow up playing sports like basketball, softball soccer track and field plus more. For these four girls out of Franklin Parish in Louisiana, Boxing is just another top-tier sport in their journey.

Gabrielle Douglas, Madeline Valentine, Baylana Davis, and Courtlynn Havard have each been boxing for six months to over a year and are showing that boxing is more than just a male-dominated sport.

“I feel like in boxing people try to make it a male sport I feel like you can do anything you set your mind to as a female like if you can go against a male, you can beat him”, says Courtylnn Havard.

I asked Baylana Davis “Do you think people find it rare that you’re a girl knowing you like to box? She reponsed with saying “Sometimes it feels like that but other times I just feel like it’s me I do what I want”, says Davis

Silverback Nation Boxing Club was created by their coach, James Robinson creating a space for the youths to train, compete and avoid being drawn to other activities that can lead them down the wrong path.

That’s my main focus with me, it isn’t about boxing it’s about teaching life lessons. It’s about being there for those kids; you know genuinely caring about them and give these kids an opportunity and a choice that I didn’t have when I was younger.