FIREWORKS SAFETY: Tips to start the New Year off with a bang


OUACHITA PARISH, LA (12/26/19)– No one wants to start the new year off with a hospital visit. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to more than just fireworks. Following these tips can help make your new year celebration start with a bang.

2020 is just around the corner and families across the Arklamiss will be looking for fireworks that will give them the biggest bang for their buck. However, before you get lit, keep in mind a few safety tips to prevent getting struck.

“I’m always going to say point away from people. Have a nice open space where there are no trees in the way or powerlines or no passing vehicles,” said Jonathan Joseph, Employee at Allen’s Fireworks.

Officials say before you ignite, make sure to do it right.

“I think the biggest thing to consider is to make sure the children are supervised,” said Charlie Simmons, Chief of Fire Prevention.

“We are going to make sure we are the ones lighting the fireworks,” said Sabrina Venabides, Customer at Allen’s fireworks.

From fountains to black cats, make sure fireworks are completely put out before getting rid of them. Putting them in water can help.

“West Monroe Fire Department says all fireworks are dangers. However, parents think sparklers are the safest to give their kids. When, in reality, they are the most dangerous and cause the most injuries. It’s important to know these sparklers burn at over one thousand degrees.

“We are going to do them on the road and not on the grass. So that there is no chance of sparks flying anywhere,” said Venabides.

Luckily the past forecasts will help keep grass fires to a minimum.

“We have actually had some good weather here lately. The ground is somewhat wet so the likelihood of starting a fire out in the yard is low,” said Simmons.

One local says when you put these tips first it makes fireworks safer while preventing the worst.

“It’s going to make the experience all the better because I’m not going to be stressed out or thinking something bad could happen,” said Venabides.

Make sure to check if your city allows fireworks to be set off inside the city limits.

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