ULM Alumni donates funds for social work scholarship


Cindy Rogers graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. During her time on campus, one her professors was her inspiration for going into social work and helping people. That’s why she has decided to come back and do the same for students.

“There’s a lot of students that struggle semester to semester and when they’re so stressed about how they are going to pay for school,” Cindy Rogers said. “I don’t think they are able to apply their best, so I’m hoping that this opens the door for somebody so that they will do great.”

A total of $60,000 has been donated for the Cindy and Dennis Rogers endowed scholarship in social work for ULM’s College of Business and Social Sciences- $50,000 from the Rogers’ and $10,000 contributed by the ULM Foundation. All of this because one professor left an impact on Cindy Rogers when she was a student at the university.

Actually he had someone call me for a really important job that I ended up staying in for 43 years, so I credit my professor and I credit this University for a wonderful healthcare career that I had,” Rogers said.

Dr. Nick Bruno says these are the types of successes the university prides itself on.

“It’s a great feeling and our staff is doing an amazing job of telling the story of ULM and the successes of our students,” Dr. Bruno said.

Rogers says she wants to remind professors that they can also leave a lifelong impression on their students.

“I’m sure day to day in front of that classroom, you have to wonder, ‘Am I really having an impact?’ and I wanted them to listen to my story and know that they do need to take special interest in their students and never understimate the benefit of their time and interest in students,” Rogers said.

Anyone interested in applying can fill out the application at ulm.edu

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