MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD)- The Swayze Elementary School is putting its own unique spin when it comes to their school vending machines.

The school has replaced what we would normally find in vending machine such as candy, chips, and pop with books for their students.

“Here at Swayze we are really big on motivating our students. We believe motivating is a big part in helping our students succeed and grow. We focus a lot on reading and we believe reading is the key to our students success. We have been looking for a way to motivate our students and this is the most effective way”, said Swayze principal Dr. Dana Jenkins.

It has been a two year project, the school ordered the vending machine and then had to close the school due to COVID-19 and had to start the process again. This is the first book vending machine that the school has ever had and it has really been a hit with the students.

“They really enjoy getting to pick their own book. The way we set up the token system is tokens can not be purchased they have to be earned. The kids are really proud of themselves and get excited when they get a chance to go to the vending machine”, stated Swayze principal Dr. Dana Jenkins.

The school says it has seen an increase in student engagement since implementing the book vending machine.