Celebrate freedom with the coolest fireworks around


WEST MONROE, LA. (07/02/2020)– Well it’s almost 4th of July weekend and everyone is looking for some excitement and of course- fireworks.

“People are coming in looking for bigger items than they have in the past,” Evalise Poulin said.

Evalise Poulin, Owner of Freedom Fireworks, says this year’s most popular firework is called Celebrate Freedom. It’s a 500 gram cake that fills the sky with gold cackle and glitter with red, white, and blue stars.

“Very beautifully and high and has many, many shots to it, and so that’s a really good one,” Poulin said.

Another local favorite is the Snow Cone. This firework is a treat of it’s own, it’s fountain lasts about two minutes and has multiple stages.

“It’s the biggest bang for the buck,” Poulin said. “It’s beautiful. It starts kind of just shooting a lot of sparks up and then goes into colors and throws out some little zzz’s you know and it’s just fun. It’s a fun piece.”

Finally the most infamous amongst the kids doesn’t actually pop, but poops.

“Well I’d say the one I’m not crazy about, but everyone seems to love it, even adults come in and laugh and want to get a handful are the doggy poops they really like that one,” Poulin said.

So whether you’re looking for a great show or just a laugh, there’s a firework for everyone.

Freedom fireworks is open from 10am-10pm.
You can find the shop at 4020 Cypress in West Monroe.

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