MONROE,LA(KTVE/KARD)–Residents say it appeared to be just another day in their neighborhood until they looked up and realized that a bear was stuck in a tree. 

Harley Wroten, “I wouldn’t expect to see a bear in the neighborhood.” 
Bella Wood, “Like you are used to hearing and seeing them in the woods and stuff but not in the area.” 
On Sunday June fifth a Monroe resident made contact with a bear in his front yard around six thirty a.m. Neighbors of the resident say they have never seen a bear roaming the streets of the neighborhood. 
Kimberly Scott,” “it’s really a nice neighborhood, this is actually the first time I’ve actually come across this incident with a bear.” 
It appears that the bear climbed into the tree overnight and has yet to come down. Kimberly Scott lives in the area with her daughter and says she will do what she must to protect her daughter. 
Kimberly Scott, “It does kind of make you a bit nervous to know that they’re out there walking around, but this is where we’re at and this is where we live so yes, I’ll kind of keep an eye out on it for a little bit until he decides to go a different way.” 

 The owner of the home declined to speak on camera but says the department of wildlife and fisheries has advised him to leave the bear alone.