Farmers who must meet revised provisions of the EPA agricultural worker protection standard may be facing a relaxed deadline for compliance.

The Augusta Free Press says The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture petitioned the EPA for a delay in implementation of the WPS that took effect January 2nd.

The government says the lack of needed education and training materials and other significant challenges with the rule have made the original implementation timeline unrealistic.

Burger prices are at a 3 year low.

Nielseon says Americans spent $803 million on beef, the most popular U.S. Independence day meat.

July 4th is the is the nation’s top grilling day of the year, according to Weber Stephens product.

Baker Hughes shareholders overwhelmingly approved a merger with the oil and gas division of the industrial conglomerate general electric, clearing the way for the $32 billion deal to close this week.

The company, which will have dual headquarters in Houston and London.

Turns out vegetable chips  may be just as unhealthy for us as regular chips.
A British nutritionist found that many standard bags of vegetable crisps contains two-thirds of vegetables – the rest of the bag being oil and salt.

Her report is in the metro newspaper in the UK

She says the fat present apparently is more than the same serving as salted Pringles and almost double that in a Mars bar.