Prime cuts of beef have skyrocketed in price since may, with some meat sellers blaming a new trade deal with China – and that’s eating into the bottom line at high-dollar chophouses.
Prices have gone up as much as 30% for the meat buyers.
Steakhouses feel that’s too steep to pass down to customers especially during the annual summer slowdown.

Executives at an egg company are going to prison.

The father and son at Decoster’s Quality Eggs are a rare instance of corporate officials being held responsible for a foodborne illness outbreak.

The salmonella outbreak sickened an estimated 56,000 people, leaving many with permanent injuries.

During the trial, the executives pled guilty to selling expired eggs and bribing USDA officials to approve them.

Maine blueberry prices have fallen to a ten year low.

Part of it is competition from Canada and also overproduction.

Maine agriculture officials are seeking new ways to promote the blueberries.

Wind farm operators are betting on a new generation of huge turbines, which will dwarf many skyscrapers.

Reuters says these will go mainly in European countries, where subsidies will be phased out in the coming years.

These massive machines will each stand 300 meters tall – almost as high as London’s shard, Western Europe’s tallest building – with 218-yard rotor spans that will stretch the length of two football fields.