With legislation before the senate to lift a longtime summer ban on gasoline with higher concentrations of ethanol, oil companies are worried about losing more market share to the renewable fuel.

The bill was introduced by a group of Midwestern lawmakers.

But with the oil lobbyists opposing it, it’s future is unclear.

A new study by Nestle shows there is broad concern about our water supply.

In a survey, it found two in three Americans believe their own community’s clean drinking water could be at risk.

59% said a major overhaul of water infrastructure is needed to preserve the quality and safety of our water supply.

UPS commits to 25 % renewable energy use by 2025.

Currently, just two-tenths of a percent of UPS electricity comes from renewable energy.
By 2020, UPS said one in four new vehicles it purchases annually will be an alternative fuel, electric, or self-driving vehicle, up from 16% in 2016.
Meanwhile, 40% of all ground fuel will be from sources other than conventional gasoline and diesel by 2025.

Solar industry faces an uncertain future in the U.S. all because of one company’s bankruptcy.

Solarworld is asking for changes in the international solar market to even the playing field.

But experts in the field say the changes could cut solar panel installing by a large amount at the same time.

The International Trade Commission will make its decision in September.