John Deere is planting its flag in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Axios reported the new office, John Deere labs, is located right in San Francisco and will be at the forefront of the company’s efforts to expand and refine its “computer vision and machine learning.”

Some of projects there include software in tractors, self driving equipment and other technology to improve crop yields.

Three out of four oil and natural gas companies fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year.

A Deloitte report finds that newer systems tied to older field equipment has left the industry open to hacking.

Also, less than half of drillers use any monitoring tools on their upstream operations networks, the report found.

U.S. coal mining has surged this year.

The Department of Energy says production is up 19% within just the first five months of 2017.

Much of the global growth came from the United States, India and China.

All-day benefit concert Farm Aid sold out its entire available tickets in the first day of sales, three months from the performance.

The year’s performance will be outside in Western Pennsylvania on September 16th.

The concert features John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson and Neil Young.