Gas prices keep falling and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon.

The Lundberg Survey says prices fell 7 cents in the past two weeks to a nationwide average of $2.32 a gallon.

Already June’s gas prices are at a historic low for the summer travel season and will stay low right into the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Target has reportedly pulled Hampton Creek products from its stores and even disabled cashiers’ ability to scan these items at checkout.

Bloomberg reports it has received two separate sets of allegations: One about shoddy practices in a facility that produces Hampton Creek products, and another that some of the company’s products have tested positive for salmonella and listeria.

Hampton Creek told Fortune that it denies the claims.

A Kansas jury has awarded $218 million dollars to farmers in a case against Syngenta.

Reuters says the money will go to more than 7,000 Kansas farmers over its decision to commercialize a genetically modified strain of corn before China approved importing it.

The farmers said it caused them catastrophic financial damages when China refused the corn shipments in 2013.

A new innovation out of Australia is poised to make clean energy even more appealing.

A team of researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has developed a paint that can be used to generate clean energy.

According to a report on RMIT’s website, the material absorbs solar energy as well as moisture from the surrounding air but will likely not be commercially available for 5 years.