Burger King has joined the list of fast food chains that will scale back on the use of drugs that are medically important to human beings.

Restaurant brands international, parent company to both BK and Tim Hortons, vowed to cut the use of antibiotics in the chicken supply for both restaurant chains by the end of 2018.

Oil prices have plunged and many expect that to continue.

Seaport Global Securities says oil could fall to $40 dollars a barrel.

Right now, it’s $43 dollars a barrel and it’s already fallen 20% this year.

Beef imports to the United States from Brazil are on hold.

There are safety concerns.

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says a high percentage of beef from Brazil was failing safety checks.

None of the bad beef made it to U.S stores.

And Monsanto says artificial intelligence could be the secret to protecting crops from disease.

The move could save massive amounts of time and money. Monsanto notes that typical crop protection takes 11 years to reach the market, and costs $250 million to develop.

A.I. could shorten that and make it much cheaper.